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March 28, 2024

First Steps With Convi 🎉

Maximize Convi's potential: Customize branding, integrate with CRM, create AI-personalized videos, strategize follow-ups, and monitor success metrics.


Henry Sabin

Welcome to Convi 🎉

Your First Steps with Convi

As a new Convi user, you can expect to reap the benefits of a revolutionary platform designed to help you standout and triple your booking rate. To make the most of Convi's capacities and use cases, follow these crucial first steps:

1. Set Up Your Account and Customize Your Branding

Create an account and customize your branding by uploading your logo, selecting your brand colors, and personalizing your profile. Show your prospects a consistent and professional identity.

2. Integrate with Your CRM and Outreach Platforms

Seamlessly integrate Convi with your existing CRM and preferred email or LinkedIn outreach platforms to streamline your prospecting process. This integration ensures a smooth flow of information and enables better lead tracking.

3. Craft Engaging AI-Personalized Videos for Outreach

Leverage Convi's AI-driven personalized video creation to attract prospects and build trust. Use AI voice cloning for unique, custom-made videos to stand out in crowded inboxes and strengthen your outreach campaigns.

4. Strategize Your Follow-Up Sequence

Boost conversions, nurture leads, and shorten sales cycles with tailored follow-ups via Email, LinkedIn, or Twitter DMs. Implement Convi's personalized video messages within your follow-up sequence for a higher response rate.

5. Monitor Success Metrics and Optimize Outreach

Track the performance of your outreach campaigns to identify areas to improve or double down on. Use Convi's analytics to optimize your approach and ensure the highest success rate in bookings.

By following these first steps, Convi empowers you to forge genuine connections, close more deals, and flourish in a competitive market. Let Convi revolutionize your outreach strategy today.‍

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