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May 9, 2024

Convi Joins OpenAI and Microsoft to Prevent AI Deepfake Fraud

Convi, a leading AI video personalization startup, has joined the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), which aims to ensure safety and standards for the use of artificial intelligence to create ultra-realistic video.


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Convi Becomes a Contributing Member of the Global Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA).

"Joining the C2PA is an important milestone for Convi," said Daniel Holler, founder of Convi. "There are a lot of bad actors that want to exploit the incredible power of these innovations. As the companies that develop this technology, we have a moral responsibility to put safety first."

The C2PA is a cross-industry initiative to address misinformation by developing technical standards for certifying the authenticity of digital media. Convi’s AI video personalization expertise will contribute significantly to this initiative.

Industry Background

The C2PA was founded in 2021 by Google, Microsoft, and other leading AI tech companies, to "Develop an open technical standard providing publishers, creators, and consumers the ability to trace the origin of different types of media." In recent years it has been joined by other notable AI companies such as OpenAI, and most recently, Convi.

Convi joins the coalition as one of the innovative startups specializing in AI video personalization, bringing a fresh perspective to the table. The company's expertise in producing hyper-realistic AI generated video content will contribute to the C2PA's mission to develop tools that verify digital media authenticity.

The C2PA steering committee includes major tech companies like OpenAI, Intel, Adobe, Google, and Microsoft.

Key Contributions and Focus Areas

One key contribution Convi aims to lead within the C2PA revolves around digital cloning consent. "We don't have the guidelines in place for companies with powerful AI capabilities to safeguard their technology against misuse," said Daniel.

"Many companies lack the tools and guidelines to prevent malicious actors from cloning other people's likeness without their consent, and this needs to be addressed."

Convi will be working alongside artificial intelligence ethicists and world-leading engineering teams to ensure that the authenticity of video can be verified, particularly focused on preventing malicious digital cloning.

About Convi:

Convi is a leading provider of AI video personalization software. Convi's software can mimic the voice and lip movement of individuals to edit their speech at scale in videos. The company empowers e-commerce businesses to engage their customers with personalized video content.

For more information, visit convi.io.

Convi is used by E-Commerce webstores to send personalized videos to customers.

Convi’s Vision and Impact

Convi envisions a future where viewers know if the video they are watching was generated by a machine or recorded by a camera, and their work within the C2PA is pivotal to achieving this. By collaborating with other coalition members, Convi aims to:

  • Establish guidelines for ethical AI video personalization.
  • Develop tools that help companies implement these standards effectively.
  • Promote awareness around the responsible use of AI-driven content.

For questions, contact: Daniel Holler, Co-Founder

Convi, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Email: daniel@convi.io

Phone: +44 7940 293 337

Daniel Holler, Founder & CTO

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